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Interface between EIB/KNX-Bus and Ethernet
KNXnet/IP Tunnelling & Object-Server
With JSON Web Services
For minivisualization KNX BAOS Gadget

KNX IP BAOS 772/774

  • The KNX IP BAOS 772 is used as interface to connect to KNX/EIB both on telegram level (KNXnet/IP Tunneling) and on data-point level (KNX Application Layer). BAOS stands for "Bus Access and Object Server". This device can be used with ETS as a programming interface. As ObjectServer the device supports up to 1000 data points. It is possible to connect to KNX/EIB-Bus (telegrams) as well as to data points (communication objects) from everywhere via LAN.

    Lead application: Minivisualization for the windows desktop "KNX BAOS Gadget"

    Connection over the internet is possible, too. The IP settings as well as the data points can be configured with ETS software. The device requires an external power supply or can alternatively be powered via Power-over-Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af) directly from the switch.

  • Manufacture - KNX IP BAOS 772

    Delivery time - Up to 21 business days

    Model - KNX IP BAOS 772

    Catalog Number - KNX IP BAOS 772

    Warranty - One year

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