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This driver provides a two-way communication to KNX IP BAOS 771/3 Object Server.

Supports control and feedback for datapoints with integer and/or boolean values. (Sliders and bars supported)

Also have an event trigger from 0-100 datapoints. ( it's possible to control A/V eq.

from KNX keypads )

Driver includes User customized "Time events", "Boiler events" and "Astronomical clock events".

All events stored in non-volatile memory and have full recovery after power loss.

RTI to KNX 771/773 Weinzierl Object Server

$95.00 Regular Price
$70.00Sale Price
  • Manufacture - RTIdriver

    Delivery time - 24h

    Model - KNX IP BAOS 771

    Catalog Number - KNX771 RTIdriver

    Warranty - None

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